The development of any society lies within the empowerment of women.

In the past, a lack of support, mentorship, networks, education and skills played a substantial role in preventing women from advancing within corporate South Africa.

Today, South African women within this sector are a shining beacon of success. These include Business Leadership South Africa (BLSA) CEO Busisiwe Mavuso, and communications expert and media entrepreneur Tumelo Mothotoane, among others.

Mavuso is a certified chartered accountant who began her career in banking and has also worked within the telecoms and healthcare industry. Her career within the financial services and corporate industry spans 23 years.

Media entrepreneur Tumelo Mothotoane began her career in broadcast  and is the managing director of communications solutions firm EST Communications, as well as the founder of broadcasting, media and content production company Afri Channel Network.

The advancement of these women within their respective fields did not happen by chance. It has been a combination of support from within the industryand their deep commitment towards reaching their goals despite the challenges of working in trades that are largely dominated by men.

It’s therefore essential that various industries and firms alike continue to support such women, who can , in‌ ‌turn, pave the way for generations of other women to come.

ASI has always been committed tolaying the groundwork for South African women in leadership positions, and this is reflected within our leadership structure, which includes two women directors.

As a firm that is rooted in contributing towards causes that have a direct impact on society, we also made the decision to support MeMeZa Community Safety, a crime-prevention organisation that focuses on providing affordable community safety technology particularly to the most vulnerable in South African society.

MeMeZa was founded by software developer and social entrepreneur Thuli Mthethwa, and we continue to stand behind her work as she brings us closer to everyday South African women and children in need of safer communities. This is because just as we invest in the advancement of women in corporate South Africa, it’s also important that we back women such as Mthethwawho play an active role in civilsociety.

On 28 August, our ASI Thought Laboratory 2019 will bring together 500 high-impact individuals from various industries in South Africa to rise to the challenge of fighting corruption within South Africa’s most important economic sectors. Spearheading this narrative on the day will be BLSA’s Ms Mavuso as our keynote speaker, and Ms Mothotoane as our MC and facilitator.

It has always been important for ASI to use its long-standing position within the financial sector for good, and in the case of Thought Laboratory 2019, we have done just that, by fostering a space that allows women to equally control the narrative against corruption in this country.

It’s not an easy task, but we are steadfast in our drive to root out corruption, with support from the many astute women within South Africa’s corporate sector.