We use data analytics to assist large organisations understand their Employee Value Proposition (‘EVP’) and develop strategies which drive behavioural change and align the EVP to their business objectives. Once this strategy, and the results metrics have been agreed upon, we proactively drive change and EVP performance by utilising our nationally based advisors. Advisors are supported by ASI’s actuarial tools and members have access to online tools which empower members to review the impact of their own financial decisions.

As a premier South African financial services provider, we are proud to be the fastest growing independent financial advisory consultancy on the African continent. Optimum performance is the end goal of the unique solutions for which we have become renown, with an ever-increasing client base, we advise over 1.2 million members and advise on over R42 billion in annual premium income, liabilities and assets. Our clients range from medium to large employers and multinationals who are based in various countries on the continent and globally.

This unique approach to business is underpinned by the awareness that people are at the heart of our business, and our fast-growing portfolio of clients, ranging from medium to large employers, as well as organised labour, appreciate our strong focus on member value.

“Building Wealth, Changing Lives” is our call to action and it drives everything we do including the engagement with our CSI partners, making a difference where we operate, serving our clients and their employees, and making a difference in our country. It is the “Why” of our business, and we look forward to making a difference to all South Africans.

Our origins at ASI are rooted in the imperatives of transformation, empowerment and excellence. As such, the ASI approach to medium and large employer financial advisory services is focused on making a difference in people’s lives, by offering unique solutions in the area of employee benefits that are future-focused, integrated and presented with integrity that puts people first.

ASI achieved a Level 1 B-BBEE accreditation status in 2014 and has recently retained the Level 1 status, as a generic business, under the Financial Sector Charter Codes. This means that all clients who appoint ASI as their advisors will not only receive our exceptional, unique and excellence-based advisory services, but will also be able to claim 135% of procurement spend towards their own B-BBEE scorecard.

From a governance perspective, our clients receive completely independent advisory services as we are free of provider influence or investment. Following our commitment to service delivery, ASI has introduced a Penalty-Based Service Level Agreement, an instrument that ties all our business relationships to clearly identified deliverables and holds us accountable to deliver on our promises.

Over the last ten years, ASI has been committed to delivering exceptional services, showing profit to our shareholders AND making a difference to our industry and South African communities. We achieve this in various ways, including:

  • A fresh approach to advisory services delivered by an experienced team who challenge the status-quo
  • Industry engagement with the Competition Commission Enquiries, Industry Bodies, NEDLAC and professional standardisation bodies
  • Intentionally developing young black talent and smaller black suppliers
  • Green energy initiatives
  • Strict internal protocols for compliance and anti-corruption.

These factors, coupled with ASI’s Corporate Social Investment (‘CSI’) Pillar, has meant we have been implementing ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) initiatives since our inception.


In the misty, rolling hills of the KwaZulu-Natal countryside, a baby sleeps. The rhythmic swaying of tree branches in the gentle breeze, aided by the soft choir of the humming of insects accompanies the little girl’s repose. Naledi is not the first to spend her early years under the watchful eye of her maternal grandmother, and she will not be the last.

Many warm afternoons are spent listening to the whispered wisdoms of ugogo wami, my grandmother. “Be brave little one. The future is yours,” gogo tells me. “You will grow up to be like an assegai. Reach for the stars, aim straight, and you will find your target. Live, not only for yourself but also for the people. Give, and you will receive. Work, and you shall be rewarded. Be fully present in each moment while you plan for tomorrow. Be straight, fly true, like the assegai, and you will reach your target. When you hold the assegai close to you, you will remember your African roots, your glorious past. You will see your limitless future, and you will prosper and flourish.”

These are the words of wisdom and encouragement I took with me when I moved to the parental home in Mamelodi. My parents always told me, “Treat people with respect, and they will respect you. Treat money with respect, and your tomorrow will be secured”. We did not have much, but we had love and friendship.

As I grew older, I carried these values with me. I wanted the same for my children, only more. I continue to be respectful. I continue to work hard and take care of my money. I nurture my relationships by being trustworthy and reliable. My focus is on a better tomorrow, a more illustrious future. I want to leave a legacy. I want to change my children’s lives and change a nation.

Dedication, loyalty, focus, friendship – the choices we make reveal the true nature of our character. I am Naledi Mashaba. I am trustworthy, and I choose relationships with those I can trust. I want to leave a legacy, so I choose wisely. I choose a secure and prosperous future. I choose ASI.




We are humanistic in our approach as we acknowledge that we do not exist in isolation from our clients, members and employees. Building positive and long-term partnerships is at the heart of ASI and our core purpose is to make a positive impact on the lives of all South Africans.



Transparency is our pillar of strength and drives our approach to advisory services and all stakeholder engagements. As an independent financial advisory consultancy, we make every effort to remain honest, even in the face of adversity. We hold ourselves accountable and ensure that our clients can also do the same.



We’re always thinking of ways to work faster and smarter for our clients and this is what makes us a future-focused advisory firm. As a firm that advises to many multi-nationals, our finger is on the pulse of the continent’s dynamism and our investment in fintech ensures that as the world changes, we are well-equipped to change with it.



We have always valued quality over quantity, which is why we have strategic partnerships with several continental and international providers who are able to meet the financial and geographical needs of all our clients. This is coupled with advisory services that match global standards.



Every decision we make goes through our Truth Test: Is it fair, does it benefit all parties, and will it have a positive impact? We are committed to stamping out corruption in our country and frequently subject ourselves and our employees, to independent integrity assessments to ensure we maintain this commitment.



As the world gets more complex, we rely on efficiency to effectively deliver on our commitments and remove needlessly complicated industry jargon. We pride ourselves on knowing the exact needs of our clients, and we have developed the precise tools and methodology needed to fulfil their needs.